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ephedra weight loss diet supplements
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ephedrine weight loss diet supplements

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Ephedra and Ephedrine Diet Pills

Welcome to the home of your absolutely first and best source for the highest quality, most affordable discount ephedra and ephedrine diet pills and herbal remedies from all over the globe. Each and every one of our products is carefully and painstakingly selected for their beneficial and effective ingredients. We enable you to live a more active lifestyle, nurturing your body and soul, at extremely discounted prices.  We know that discount ephedrine and ephedra diet pills work and generate fast results.  Why?  Because over and over again, Ephedra Diet Pills and Ephedrine Diet Pills prove fat burning results for users.  The fat burning supplements market has been flooded with ephedra and ephedrine imitators which simply don't prove results like ephedra diet pills can.   That's why we stand by our ephedra products - because they deliver results!

Various Types of Diet Supplements

Shop online for an exciting variety of herbs, vitamins and supplements including L-Dopa Extract, L-Arginine, Tribulus Terrestris, Tongkat Ali, Ephedrine Pills, Ephedra Pills, Ephedra , Yohimbe, Horny Goat Weed, HGH Packages, HGH Releasers and other Sexual Health Products as well. There are a whole variety of specialized herbal supplements for every ailment and every way of life, including Anti-Aging, Muscle Building, Weight Loss, Sexual Enhancement and other specialty needs.

Herbal Medicine Works

People around the world and in your back yard are turning to time tested herbal medicine instead of harsh chemicals. This is because chemicals can have detrimental effects on the body. Your body will thank you for taking out the toxins and using natural medicines that will work with its systems instead of against it. Look younger and feel healthier with Wholesale Nutirion's products.

Increase Testosterone with HGH Releasers

Our HGH Package, which contains natural HGH Releasers is designed to boost testosterone levels quickly leading to increased strength and better work outs, which ultimately lead to more gains and better results.  HGH (or Human Growth Hormone) also provides additional benefits such as tissue repair, cell regeneration in the bones and muscles and even helps strengthen your immune system.  Better skin, clearer eyes and increased strength are some other benefits of HGH which also make it an outstanding Anti-Aging supplement.  As you can see further below, HGH has countless other benefits as well for both males and females and our HGH Package is a proven winner in showing results, fast.

Benefits of our HGH Package

  • HGH releasers promote and increases the creating of new protein tissues, such as in muscle recovery or repair.
  • Involvement in metabolism of body-fat and its conversion to energy sources resulting in better workouts.
  • Improves the sleeping pattern, makes for less unintended awakenings and betters REM-stage sleep resulting in muscle repair and therefore muscle growth.
  • HGH releasers produce more HGH therefore producing more energy
  • HGH releasers improves sexual performance
  • HGH releasers build stronger bones
  • HGH releasers increase the quality and duration of heart and kidneys
HGH Package to Increase Testosterone

Enhance Libido with Sexual Health Supplements

Enhance Libido w/ Sexual Health Package

By enhancing libido, one will gain increased pleasure and overall increased sex drive. To receive these benefits, our sexual health supplement package is the perfect mixture of some of the most effective sexual health supplements on the market.  These include L-Arginine, Tongkat Ali, Horny Goat Weed, Mucuna Pruriens and more! 

The combination of these above sexual health supplements, each having their own specific formulas and benefits towards libido enhancement come together to create the optimal sexual health supplements package.

Benefits this Sexual Health Supplement Package

  • Amplified and Increased Sexual Desire and Arousal
  • Stimulated Performance and Intensity during Intercourse
  • Rejuvenated Stamina and Endurance
  • Heightened Sensitivity of Soft Tissue
  • Increased Feelings of Sensation
  • Stimulated Blood Flow
  • Increase sex drive
  • Enhanced libido

Tongkat Ali Anti-Aging Supplement

Tongkat Ali, also known as Tribulus Terrestris is one of the best known anti-aging and sexual health supplements that has been used by men and woman for hundreds of years.  Tongkat Ali provides countless anti-aging benefits such as increased testosterone, libido enhancement, increased mental levels and decreased mental fatigue just to name a few.  Some more benefits of Tongkat Ali supplements are listed below.

Benefits of Tongkat Ali Supplements

  • Testosterone Enhancement
  • Restored Circulation
  • Exaggerated Sexual Drive and Overall Performance
  • Increased Physical and Mental Levels
  • Rejuvenated Energy Levels and Physical Prowess
  • Decreased Mental Fatigue and Exhaustion
  • Improved Muscular Ratio & Power
Tongkat Ali Anti-Aging Supplements

l-arginine supplements for ant-aging

L-Arginine for Anti-Aging and Sexual Health

L-Arginine is converted in your body into Nitric Acid which opens blood vessels and as a result improves blood flow through your circulatory system. L-Arginine also stimulates the release of growth hormones, insulin and other important substances in the human body.

L-Arginine has been proven to provide a wide variety of benefits in the areas of anti-aging and sexual health. Some of the benefits of L-Arginine are listed below.

Benefits of L-Arginine

  • Stimulates Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Production
  • Decreases Blood Pressure
  • Helps Aid The Human Immune System
  • Restores Soft Tissues
  • Rejuvenates Blood Flow and Circulation
  • Rejuvenates Sex Drive and Promotes Optimal Sexual Functioning

L-Dopa Extract Supplement

L-Dopa is an amino acid with a numerous amount of health benefits, most well know being it’s conversion into the chemical dopamine. Dopamine is an essential component of our body and is absolutely required for the proper functioning of our most vital organ, the brain. Dopamine is also known to enhance overall mental alertness and promotes a more positive mood.

Benefits of L-Dopa Extract

  • Enhanced Libido and Sexual Enhancement
  • Increased Energy Levels
  • Improved Skin Appearance and Texture
  • Decrease in Body Fat
  • Regeneration of Organs
  • Strengthened Immune System
  • Increase in Lean Muscle Fat
  • Improved Mood and Sense of Well Being
l-dopa extract supplements

Build muscle mass with HMB

HMB to Build Muscle Mass

HMB muscle building supplements help burn body fat and build muscle in response to exercise. There have been several clinical studies showing that after taking HMB supplements for three weeks, participants increased their strength 300% on their bench press (as compared to those who didn't use HMB as a supplement in their workout regiment).

HMB supplements play an important role in the synthesis of muscle tissue. HMB muscle building supplements directly inhibits the catabolism of muscle proteins during stressful events such as exercise. Supplementation with HMB prevents muscle breakdown and accelerates tissue repair after exercise. HMB supplements help prevent Proteolysis, the process in which the body breaks down muscle after strenuous activity.

Benefits of HMB Supplements

  • Increased Lean Body Mass
  • Decreased Body Fat
  • Reduced Muscle Catabolism (Muscle Breakdown)
  • Accelerated Muscle Recovery and Repair
  • Decreased Blood Cholesterol Levels

Increase Testosterone with GABA Supplements

The benefits of using GABA supplements are numerous as this supplement has been proven to not only multiply the rate of HGH production but also amplify the ability of the brain to process, and decrease the rate of overall aging.

Benefits of GABA Supplements

  • Improved Brain Functioning and Mental Clarity
  • Amplified Neurotransmitter Functioning
  • Multiplied Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Levels
  • Rejuvenated Mind and Body
  • Aided Sleep Patterns (R.E.M. Sleep)
  • Restored Blood Pressure
  • Decreased Pain from Chronic Conditions Such As Arthritis and Lower Back Pain
  • Improved Mood and Sense of Well Being
increase testosterone with GABA supplements

Buy L-Arginine

L-Arginine's role in Sexual Health

L-Arginine promotes sexual health benefits for both men and women. If enough L-Arginine is not contained within the body, decreased sexual functioning and libido (sex drive) will eventually occur. To increase the sensation of an orgasm, L-Arginine will increase the sensitivity of genital tissue by increasing blood flow. Studies throughout our team prove that the use of L-Arginine is a vital component of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) as well.

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